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Chilled Water Solution

Our location in Central Queensland allows access to all directions to cover Queensland within 12 hours of a call with our modern fleet of vehicles.

We have a statewide network support industry and we work closely with Rockhampton based companies for urgent modifications to suit client needs.

We have an extensive range of equipment that can always be adapted to suit any unique requirements.

Dehumidification (Desiccant and Refrigerative)

Specialising in a wide range of refrigerative and desiccant dehumidifiers for both Commercial and industrial needs

Ventilation and Extraction

Stocking a large range of both ductable and area blast fans and man coolers. Suitable for mining ventilation / extraction works, large volume ventilation, events, and sporting venues.

Portable Variable Frequency Distribution Switch Boards

Suitable for Electric Motors, Water Pumps, Fans / Extraction Systems and Conveyor Belt operations.

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Additional Services

How can we help?

How can we help?

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